Featured Cherub Kaitlyn Danielle Garza

This week’s featured cherub is Kaitlyn Danielle Garza. Kaitlyn is the daughter of Alfredo Felix Jr. and Elsa Garza. This is what Elsa had to share about her daughter:

“Kaitlyn was born with right CDH. We were not aware she was going to be born with this birth defect in fact we were not prepared at all.  When Kaitlyn was born, a nurse came to inform me after 2 hours that my baby only had 50% chance of living and that she was going to be life flighted to another  hospital about 45 minutes away from where she was born to be put on a ventilator to help her breath and that specialized in cases like hers. As you can imagine, we were devastated and we were unaware what CDH was. I had also had a c-section, so therefore I was not going to be able to be transferred to the medical center with her until  at least  24 hrs.  I felt lost, confused, depressed….wish I knew  about CHERUBS then.  After 4 hours they brought her so I can meet her but I was not able to hold or touch her. Basically, I was told  they were bringing her in case she didn’t make it (just thinking about it makes me tear up). I was only able to see her for about 2 minutes.

Kaitlyn was able to get surgery after 6 days of being born because she had high blood pressure and they wanted to stabilize her.  While in the hospital I met another lady that introduced me to CHERUBS and that’s how I learned a lot more about CDH.   Kaitlyn was in NICU a total of 6 long weeks but now she is a happy and strong beautiful girl.  We are so proud of our little fighter!”  

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