Featured Medical Staff: Dr. Kamlesh S. Macwan, MD, and RN’s Kristin Aigner and Lora Simonson

We would like to thank Dr. Kamlesh S. Macwan, MD, and RN’s Kristin Aigner and Lora Simonsonwith OSF Saint Francis Medical Center in Peoria, Illinois, for Bringing Hope Around the World to our CDH Families! This wonderful doctor and nurses were brought to our attention by Terry King German, mom to cherub Skylar, “we can NEVER thank these angels on earth enough for saving the life of our sweet miracle, Skylar!!!!”

Dr. Macwan was known to many as the “magician of ventilators and the Yoda of CDH.”  CDH families and various OSF Staff recently said goodbye to Dr. Macwan at the CDH Family Picnic in September and celebrated his retirement.

Kristin Aigner is an ECMO Specialist in the NICU and PICU at OSF.  She has been a Charge Nurse in the NICU for their 60 bed unit. She has been a primary nurse for multiple medically complex infants. She has collaborated on the task force to improve outcomes for infants born with Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia and coordinates the Multidisciplinary Follow up Clinic for these children in the Pediatric Surgery Center, including collecting data for research, writing said research findings, and presenting at conferences.  Kristin is also a medical advisor for CDH International.

Lora Simonson is currently the ECMO Coordinator at OSF and a RN in the NICU. Her expertise with CDH care and the ECMO team is greatly appreciated by our CDH families.

Thank you Dr. Macwan, Kristin Aigner, and Lora Simonson for caring for CDH families and being their hope during a difficult time!

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