May Murder Mysteries Fundraisers!

One of our members held a murder mystery nice and raised money for our charity – it was easy and fun and raised money for a great cause! So now, we are encouraging all of our charity members and friends to hold your own event!

We have a company donating all game costs and a discounted price to CDH International. You can choose from 3 different murder mystery themes:

  1. Murder in The Speakeasy (Roaring 1920’s)
  2. Murder in Montana (The Old West)
  3. Murder in the Suburbs (1950’s)

Each game can have between 5 and 20 players with an unlimited number of spectators.

Each player has a role, suggested clothing and no one knows who the murderer is until the night of the event.

You can hold the event at home, at a venue, and even at dinner. The photos below are at a potluck dinner held at a venue owned by a former Board Member, and there were 15 players.

For $15, you receive a downloadable zip file that includes:

  • Game Instructions
  • 20 Player Sheets
  • Questions
  • Murder Evidence Files
  • Invitations
  • Certificates (Best Dressed, Best Ad Lib, Best Accent, Murderer)

It’s easy, simple and FUN! And all for a great cause!

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