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Join us this week as Sarah Robbins-Prada shares her son’s journey on the CDH Radio Show, after he was diagnosed with CDH.

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When Sarah was 26 weeks pregnant, her regular OB had trouble getting baby Asher’s heart chambers and lips to be seen on the ultrasound. Sarah was asked to be seen by a specialist. “My last appointment was November 11, 2013. We went to the specialist 0BGYN right before Thanksgiving and that’s when we got our diagnosis. I was just in awe of his face and everything that I didn’t realize the ultrasound technician stopped talking. When she was finished, she said she had to show this to the on-call doctor,” Sarah shares.

“The OB on-call came in and said I’m terribly sorry but your son has a serious birth defect called Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia. She told us what a normal babies chest looks like compared to Asher’s chest. Then she said she had to leave the room for a minute and not to Google it. I think before she was even out the door Scott had googled it,” Sarah shares. “The diaphragmatic hernia came out of shock because we had no idea. We had many ultrasounds and hospital visits because of all his amniotic fluid kept putting me in early-stage labor and still nobody said anything about CDH.”

Asher James Steven Prada was born New Year’s Eve 2013. Sarah ended up having an emergency C-section due to complications. Sarah shares, “when he was born, he was kind of grayish looking. The hospital that I had him at could have kept him but they wanted to give him better chances of survival, so he was flown by helicopter to Phoenix Children’s Hospital. The NICU nurses and staff were wonderful with him and me.”

Asher was a warrior. “My husband Scott had six days with Asher and I had three days because of my C-section,” Sarah shares. When a care meeting was held about Asher’s care, Sarah mentioned, “I argued with the Neuro doctor about him opening his eyes. I have a video of him opening his eyes for us. But by the end it was just too much for him and we decided on January 6, 2014, to let them go. The grief is unreal people say it gets better but I think it’s just gets easier in time. I’ll never forget him and what we did after he passed away. He’s my true butterfly.”

Tune in to Sarah’s full story on the CDH radio show. Hear more about precious Asher and his journey with CDH.

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