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Join us this week as Sherry Simpson shares her daughter’s journey after she was diagnosed with CDH.

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At 18 weeks, Opal was diagnosed with a Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia. Sherry was expecting identical twins. Sherry shares, “we had gone to a MFM specialist due to having a high-risk twin pregnancy. After her diagnosis, the pregnancy became more high risk and we saw at least one doctor every week after 20 weeks. We met with surgeons and cardiologists multiple times. I had multiple instances of preterm labor and Opal and her twin were born via c-section at 31 weeks.”

Due to the preterm labor, the girls were born early. For the first three days of her life, Opal was at Northside Hospital in the NICU with her twin. Sherry shares, “Opal was moved to Egleston Children’s Hospital on day three and had her surgery at bedside in the NICU on day seven. After surgery she developed multiple blood clots and had to be placed on blood thinners. She stayed in the NICU for six months. She came home with a gtube and on oxygen.”

Opal is currently 4 years old. Sherry shares, “she typically goes to school, but she is currently waiting to have surgery, so she is staying home until then. She still uses her gtube, but she has recently come off of the home oxygen.”

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