Tharp Family Shares Their Story On This Week’s Radio Show

Join us this week as the Tharp Family shares their story on this week’s CDH Radio Show.  Adam and Kimberly shares their family’s journey with CDH after their son, Easton, is diagnosed with CDH.

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Kimberly shared this about Easton’s CDH diagnosis and birth “At 12 weeks pregnant I had gained a lot of weight and felt as if something was wrong. However, the doctors told me everything was fine. When I went for my anatomy ultrasound, I noticed the technician kept going back to certain areas of the ultrasound. I asked her if something was wrong, and she changed the subject and asked me if I wanted to know the gender. She told me I was having a boy. She then said that she was getting the doctor and that he would explain. He looked over the ultrasound and brought my dad and I into the conference room and told us that Easton had a rare birth defect called Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia, also called CDH. And that he had a slim chance of making it.”

Kimberly also shared about Easton’s journey, “I don’t remember a whole lot after that because I felt my world had been turned upset down. It took me a while to process what was going on. Easton ended up being born 4 weeks early because my blood pressure got too high. He had to be delivered at Vanderbilt University because hospitals around here didn’t have ECMO. He was born cesarean and was rushed directly to the NICU Pod C. It took hours for them to get him stabilized so I could see him. The time in the NICU was like a rollercoaster. The ECMO caused a lot of fluid so he could not have his surgery for almost a week. He was up and down the whole time. It was a very emotional time.”

Listen to the podcast as Kimberly and Adam talk about their son’s CDH journey and the strong fighter he was. Kimberly shared, “he touched people…his life, his story. He’s was a fighter. He tried, he tried to hold on.”

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