The 2024 Virtual CDH Race for Research! Who joined the CDH Race Team?

Please support the fight against Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia and help to save the lives of 1000’s of under-supported patients fighting to breathe.

We wanted to take some time to highlight who joined Dawn virtually on the CDH Race for Research by walking / running / riding 110 kms of the Camino Ingles on the Camino de Santiago in Spain.

Who is on the Race for CDH Research Team?

Check out everyone Walking / running / riding the course at their own pace. The virtual course is open for the entirety of April 2024. You can sponsor or donate at the links shared below.

You can donate a couple of ways:

Donate to an individual or team below:

Our President, Dawn Ireland, finished the Camino de Santiago!! She walked 110 kms on the real Camino de Santiago in Spain to raise awareness and funds. She vlogged daily directly from the Camino, from the CDH Study Group Conference, and all through April. Watch the videos on our social media. You can also read more about her travels and donate on her Facebook fundraiser or Rally Up page.

Melinda Flyod finished in 1st in the virtual Race for CDH Research!

Nicolle Colvin finished 2nd!

Dana Barber, finished the race at 3rd while raising money on her Rally Up page, and she is also on Team Juniper’s Light raising money.

Amanda Plakholm, finished the race tied in 4th and she is raising money over on the Rally up page and Facebook too.

Jen and Doug Doolan-Hamilton, finished the race tied in 4th and are raising money on Rally up, Facebook, and are also on Team Juniper’s Light.

Heather Zahara, finished tied for 5th so far and raising money on her Rally Up page.

Morgan Nuchols, finished tied for 5th.

Kelly Zahara, finished tied for 5th.

Caleb Deweber, is almost finished and is currently in 6th. Caleb and his Mother Sabin are raising money on Rally up and Facebook.

Stephanie Stephanworkman is almost finished as well in 7th.

Mariah Clark is currently in 8th.

Lauren Anthony is currently in 9th.

The Jackson 5 Jackson are currently in 10th. They are also on Team Juniper’s Light.

Tracy Meats is currently 11th.

Shana P. is also raising money on the Rally Up Race for CDH Research Team raising money along with her creating Team Hayley Angels.

We want to give a tremendous thank you to anyone participating and anyone who has donated or shared any of the fundraiser links. Together we stand in the fight for more CDH Research!

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