Ways To Spread CDH Awareness This Summer

Summer is a great time to get out there and raise some awareness for Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernias.

Here are some ideas the Awareness Team has come up with:

  • lemonade or icee stand
  • organize a walk for CDH Awareness
  • organize a car show
  • organize a car wash event with family and friends helping to wash cars
  • organize a tournament like golf, frisbee golf, cornhole, baseball, volleyball etc.
  • paint some rocks and leave them in public places for people to see.
  • write a message in the sand at a public beach and take a photo for social media. You can also build a sand castle that says CDH or make a sand sculpture like wings – you can also make the wings so you can lay between them for a photo opportunity to share on social media.
  • host a community bake sale or garage sale
  • bake and decorate with CDH colors and share on social media or use them in a bake sale. You can also share them with neighbors and friends and make a note to go with it that tells them a bit about what CDH is.
  • wear CDH Awareness gear. Also, take some photos to share on social media. If traveling you can wear your gear and take photos at any fun landmarks or beautiful scenery to share on social media
  • tell someone new you meet about CDH and why you spread awareness.
  • make a poster to display or pamphlet to hand out (we can help you with the pamphlet)
  • make tie dye shirts or tote bags in blue, pink and yellow colors
  • have a CDH picnic or Community BBQ
  • make a CDH cornhole game set stating “CDH is not just a hole”. You can use items from your house. Example would be to make a poster and place it over a bin and use water balloons, tennis balls or make CDH colored beanbags if you can sew or if you want you could make the board out of wood and paint it.

Please share on social media so we can see and share what you’ve come up with. Use #cdhawareness

If you need help planning your awareness activity please email the team at awareness@cdhi.org or if your event is a fundraiser event you can email fundraising@cdhi.org

You can find CDH Awareness gear in the Awareness shop at https://cdhawarenessshop.org/

Awareness can happen all year and not just during April’s Awareness Month. We very much look forward to seeing families raising awareness this summer! If you have any ideas to add to the list we would be happy to hear them and add them to the list for everyone to have more ideas, so we can all get out there and tell the world about CDH.

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