Zani Lab to Speak at the 2021 CDH Conference

We welcome Dr. Augusto Zani and his team to speak at the 2021 CDH Conference.

Based at the University of Toronto, Dr Augusto Zani has founded the RESPIRE program (Regeneration via Stem Cell Products for the Improvement of Respiration) and his lab is investigating strategies to regenerate fetal lungs using a stem cell based therapy for pulmonary hypoplasia secondary to CDH. Dr. Zani is also investigating the causes of brain damage and neurodevelopmental delay that occur in NEC survivors and the potential strategies that could be employed to prevent NEC associated morbidity.

We look forward to hearing about their latest Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia research achievements.

Join us on April 28-30 at the virtual 2021 CDH Conference.

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