25 Years of CDH International – 2000

The new millennium bought about a lot of changes at the charity. We started the year off with Judi Toth running the charity as our President grieved the loss of her own 6 yr old CDH child.

As we all transitioned into a new century, we continued to grow with a very close knit, hard working CDH community lifting each other up. We held our first conference and finally, many of us got to meet other CDH families in person that we’d known through the charity for years. Members flew in from around the world, including the leader of the Dutch group, Stichting Hernia Diafragmatica, Onno Swart and our Ireland International Representative (still after 20 years!), Collette Hartigan. We had over 100 attendees, surgeons who spoke and so much more in Orlando, Florida. The nearby forest fires didn’t even deter the mood (or anyone’s breathing, thankfully). Thanks to a $10,000 donation from one of our members, we were able to cover all conference costs, including rooms for all the families who attended.

CDH Medical World News for 2000

  • FETENDO balloon first used on a CDH patient.
  • Massachusetts General genetic CDH study started.

CDH International News for 2000

  • First International CDH Conference for patients and families held.
  • First CDH Fundraising Auctions on Ebay.
  • First on-line CDH Awareness Items store via Cafepress.
  • On-Line CDH Research Library created.
  • CDH Research Survey Results.
  • First CDH T-Shirts sold.
  • First Ohio member picnic is held in Columbus, OH.
  • First message boards were created.
  • Cooking with Cherubs Volume II is published.
  • First Celebrity Auction is held.
  • Listservs were created for our various Committees.
  • 750 members in 20 countries.

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