25 Years of CDH International – 1999

1999 was a year of extreme highs with our first get-together ever and our extreme lows with the loss of the President’s son. Our charity was extremely close and the births and losses of all our children were felt around the world. Despite all that the year bought, our membership grew 5 fold in 1 year to 500 families.

CDH Medical World News for 1999

  • FETENDO clip first used on a CDH patient.

CDH International News for 1999

  • The first event for grieving CDH parents held in Washington, DC.
  • First CHERUBS Logo.
  • First CDH Get-Together in Washington DC.
  • First CDH Information Packets created.
  • CHERUBS is contacted by ABC’s 20/20 staff for input on a story of a cherub.
  • CHERUBS members participate in Noah’s Flood ECMO Fundraiser for National Children’s Hospital in Washington, DC.
  • Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Research Survey Results are published.
  • Listservs move to Onelist.com, which becomes Yahoogroups.
  • A forum for CDH medical professionals is created.
  • New separate listservs were created for grieving parents and parents of survivors.
  • Advisory, Conference, Fundraising, Research, Welcoming, Card, Grant, Totebag, Library Committee are created.
  • Free web site graphics are created for families.
  • 2000 Calendars are published.
  • First Lock-In Fundraiser.
  • First t-shirts and sweatshirts are created.
  • First Christmas Fairy fundraiser.
  • Newsletter Tribute fundraiser is started.
  • Over 500 members in 11 countries.
  • Shane Torrence, the last remaining of the 3 “original cherubs” dies at age 6 and a half.

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