Executive Board of Directors Positions Available at CDH International

CDH International is growing and has open positions on our Executive Board of Directors. Our 27-year-old, award-winning charity is leading the fight against Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia globally while supporting 1000’s of patient families, providing research, raising awareness, and advocating for the best treatments for CDH and rare disease.

Our organization is governed by 3 Boards; the Executive Board of Directors, the Patient Advocacy Board and the Research Advisory Board. We oversee the finances, services, and over 100 volunteers and 7000 members in 84 countries.

As we grow, we are looking for dynamic professionals to join the Executive Board of Directors who want to help 1000’s of critically ill children and push research.

Job Description:

  • Be present.  At monthly Board Meetings and on the Committee that you are assigned to.  At events that you are invited to and events that you are expected to attend.  Keep your word so the rest of the Board and the charity can depend on you and plan accordingly.
  • Learn.   Read the materials.  Read the social media posts.  Learn about the children.  Learn why we work so hard and what CDH International is about.  Ask questions! 
  • Contribute to the charity and help the cause.  Donate.  Fundraise.  Volunteer in other roles.  Donate professional services to save the charity money.   We are legally and morally responsible for making sure the charity is funded. 
  • Requirements:  No more than 3 absences. Donate $5000 in goods or services annually. Be a public voice for the charity.
  • Be a face of the charity.    Tell people about CDH and CDH International.   Share posts on social media.  Represent the cause and raise awareness!  Take advantage of every opportunity, event, networking event to help the kids as you help promote yourself and your business.  Bonus – people love to patron businesses that have a heart and especially that help kids!
  • Be the best you can be.   You give 100% to your careers, businesses, family, friends.   Give these children the same amount of enthusiasm and love.  See a need and roll up your sleeves to help and set an example for others.
  • Be responsible.  This is a very important role.  You are entrusted with saving the lives of children and this job should be taken with the utmost seriousness and dedication, just as these children are all your children whose lives you are trying to save.

The Executive Board is the heart of the charity… if the Board isn’t active and pumping to give blood and oxygen to the charity’s mission, funding, services, staff, volunteers and the children – then the children do not get helped.  It’s vital that every Executive Board Member is engaged and invested in the charity with a focus of selflessness to help these children and families who are depending on us.

We are especially looking to fill these Special Seats:

  • Treasurer – must be a certified public accountant in the state of North Carolina
  • Secretary – International Law Attorney
  • Business Attorney – must be licensed in the state of North Carolina
  • C-Level Executives – for networking and fundraising

Would you like to apply?


If you are interested in joining our team, please fill out this form and e-mail to dawn.ireland@cdhi.org

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