Featured CDHi New York Ambassador Teuta Osmani-Hajdini

Featured CDH International’s New York Ambassador is Teuta Osmani-Hajdini. Teuta is the mother to CDH angel Omer.

Teuta is the mother to CDH angel, Omer. Teuta lives in New York with her husband. They were so excited when they first received the news that they were going to become first time parents. At Teuta’s 20-week anatomy scan their son was diagnosed with left-sided CDH. They decided to transfer their care to New York Presbyterian Children’s Hospital. On January 24th 2020 their beautiful warrior son was born. He was an incredible fighter right from birth and on some days to express that astonishing strength within him, he would assure his parents with a smile and a squeeze of a finger. However, on February 14th 2020 they lost their son due to further CDH complications. They found themselves lucky and blessed to share those small intimate moments even if it was for a short amount of time. They will forever cherish those precious moments.

Teuta received a Bachelors degree in Psychology and her Masters in Education. On her free time Teuta loves to cook, decorate, travel, and spend time with family. Helping people has always been her passion. Her personal journey has unquestionably been an emotional one but she hopes to comfort and educate others going through similar situations and she hopes to bring more awareness to this distressing and little talked about condition.

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