Featured Volunteer: Amanda Dean

Featured volunteer of the week at CHERUBS is Amanda Dean.  Amanda is the International Representative for South Africa.  She not only supports our South Africa families, but is a source of support for our families all over the world.  We are so fortunate to have her on our volunteer team.

Amanda Dean has been married to Grant for 19 years and is mom to two boys. Tristan, her youngest, was born with CDH and undiagnosed until 6 weeks of age. Tristan had to be rushed to ER with breathing complications and turning blue and after and x-ray CDH was diagnosed. He had emergency surgery that same day and spent 16 days in NICU. He has minor complications such as chronic asthma from CDH. Today he is thriving 17 year old and such a kind and humble boy. “I am extremely grateful how things turned out for us, and dedicate my time to assist with CDH awareness and support in South Africa”.

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