Research: Morgagni hernia: an uncommon pathology in adults

J Surg Case Rep

. 2022 Dec 30;2022(12):rjac597.

 doi: 10.1093/jscr/rjac597. eCollection 2022 Dec.

Morgagni hernia: an uncommon pathology in adults

Karnan Rajkumar 1Sayali Kulkarni 1Toghrul Talishinskiy 1

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Typically, diaphragmatic hernias occur as congenital defects and are considered a rare presentation when seen in adults. They occur as developmental defects and stem from embryonic components of the diaphragm not fusing completely. There are two types of diaphragmatic hernias, classified based on the location of herniation through the diaphragmatic defect. Bochdalek hernias present as defects in the left postero-lateral diaphragm, whereas Morgagni hernias present as anterior defects of the diaphragm. The more common defect of the two are Bochdalek hernias making Morgagni hernias a rare presentation. This case describes the presentation of a hernia through an anterior defect in the diaphragm, otherwise classified as a Morgagni hernia.

Keywords: Bochdalek hernia; Morgagni hernia; colonic dilation; laparoscopic repair; mesh placement.

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