Research: The perinatal revolution.

Issues Law Med. 2019 Spring;34(1):15-41.

The perinatal revolution.

Malloy C1Wubbenhorst MC2Lee TS3.

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The Perinatal Revolution is an exciting and rapidly developing field of medicine that aims to treat and possibly cure disease in the prenatal period, and thereby to improve health across the lifespan of the child. Here we describe an overview of the perinatal field, with specific emphasis on current therapies and interventions for specific fetal problems, such as myelomeningocele and congenital diaphragmatic hernia. Advances in perinatal medicine have resulted in increased survival rates and improvements in morbidity and mortality for premature neonates. Novel innovations in screening and genetic diagnosis, as well as future prospects in cell-based therapies, tissue engineering, gene therapy, and artificial womb are significantly expanding the field and are discussed. Ethical, regulatory and policy concerns closely linked to clinical practice and public awareness are also highlighted as the Perinatal Revolution continues to unfold through research, genetic, medical and surgical advances.

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