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Start The Year Off By Volunteering to Be a CDH Ambassador


Start The Year Off By Volunteering to Be a CDH Ambassador

To better serve families in the CDH community, CDH International and our CHERUBS division have instituted a new program.

CDHi Ambassadors are new volunteer positions in each state and all 70+ countries that we serve that will do the following:

  • Be on call to local parents in need of support
  • Highlight your experience in your state / country

These positions require little volunteer time and will be a great help to both supporting families as well as raising CDH awareness.   However, we welcome more interactive volunteering and hope to promote ambassadors into charity Representatives.

If you are interested, please reach out to Tracy at

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  1. francesca dubroy says:

    Hi my name is Francesca DuBroy Garcia. I would love to volunteer for CDH. My daughter was born March 16, 2012 with CDH. She is a survivor and my miracle. She was hospitalized for over 104days. Spent over 14days on ecmo. We went through a lot. Ever since I have gone through this it has always been in my heart to try to get her story out there and be there for another family. Give someone hope or just be an ear to listen. My life and my outlook on life has never been the same since her birth. I am in San Diego California. I do have another child, my son 2 Jovanni. My daughter is my Jr. Francesca is her name. I work full time, but I would love to help. Please let me know. My email is and my cell number 760-978-9986.

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