World Health Organization to Create Standard of Care for CDH

An important update from Dawn Ireland, the President of CDH International:

Dear Members and Friends,

CDH International is very proud to announce that we are working with the World Health Organization to create a GLOBAL Standard of Care and Global Measurements for Mortality and Morbidity.


Not just for CDH, but also for Gastroschisis and Omphalocele. There will be variations for each, which will help save the lives of many more children.

This will be a minimum standard of care for CDH. It will hinder no one, and it will help all of our kids. It will allow for better care worldwide.

It will include standard measurements of survival and complications, better research, accurate numbers, vaccines, and ventilation.

The creation of this standard of care has already started. I have already been to Geneva, Switzerland. It’s not a dream – it’s a soon to be completed reality. By the end of 2019, we hope. CDH International is involved in all of it. ACDHO members and the Study Group will be consulted as well. It will be written as a collaborative effort, led by the WHO.

My frustration is that we are needlessly facing another RSV season without this standard of care.

This is what CDHi is doing for ALL of our kids. All patients in all countries, at all hospitals. This is 24 years in the works, but we are doing it. All of our employees, boards, and volunteers. Our friends in ACDHO as well. We work together to help ALL the kids. That’s what charity is.

Never tell us something can’t be done. Especially not for these kids. Not at CDHi. We move mountains.

Accreditation is on hold until this is completed as we will use the WHO standards for accrediting hospitals.

Why was this kept a secret for months? Well, to be perfectly honest…because a few “competitors” have been known to purposefully sink our efforts (and thereby hurt the children) rather than see us accomplish something they weren’t able to – so we wanted to protect this precious and vital step forward. But it is public now, and we are very proud to be a part of this. And we pray that every person and entity who says they care about the cause will support this as the positive step forward that it is for all the children. It’s time to work together to save these kids. If you’re not in it for the children, kindly step aside.

We are excited for this opportunity for all our children and look forward to increased survival rates.

Truly Yours,

Dawn Ireland

President, CDH International

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