Featured Volunteer: Nicolle Colvin

Featured volunteer of the week is Nicolle Colvin. Nicolle Colvin is a CDH International Parent Advisory Board Member, Colorado State Representative, and Fundraising Committee Leader.

Nicolle is the mom of Kasey Colvin, 11.16.08-12.19.08. Kasey was born with an undiagnosed left sided diaphragmatic hernia. Kasey fought for 33 days, he had severe chylothorax and his lymphatic system wasn’t functioning properly, so he grew his wings on December 19th.

Nicolle works hard at giving back to a cause that is very dear to her heart. She is married to her husband Kevin, they are also the proud parents of Brooklyn and Blake.  Nicolle enjoys working out and going to Bronco and Rockies games with her family.

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