Board Positions Available: CDHi Patient Advocacy Board

CDH International is currently looking for Advocacy Board members (CPAB) for CDH International

Founded in 1995, CDH International is a global non-profit working to help over 6500 patient families in 74 countries through support services, raising awareness and funding, and conducting CDH research.

The purpose of the Patient Advocacy Board (CPAB) is to oversee all support services and certain aspects of awareness and fundraising, help us to delegate responsibilities and fill volunteer positions, deal with member problems, process new ideas and be the professional “face” of CDH International.

Other than the standard responsibilities of a Patient Advocacy Board Member (see below), we are asking for your help to spread CDH Awareness, help to promote our events and fundraisers and to help grow our charity. You will talk through Office365 and Facebook with your team and other board members when necessary to make decisions when needed. You will also share an e-mail address with other members so that families can reach all of you on this board. Your time involvement would vary weekly depending on the work that needs to be done and how you delegate work to your team members. The Patient Advocacy Board members will lead individual teams so they are involved in the day to day of the charity and help work towards the success of the cause.  Currently seeking leaders and co/leaders for the following teams: Welcoming, Awareness, Fundraising and Prayers/Positive Thoughts.

Each Team Leader is required to: 

  • Train and oversee team members
  • At minimum, hold quarterly team conference calls
  • Report back to the Department Leader
  • Make sure all tasks are completed on time, by a team member or themselves
  • Recruit team members if necessary (who must be signed, official volunteers)
  • Respond to all correspondence in a timely fashion
  • Be active on the charity’s social media sites and forums and support all families
  • Handle all complaints, criticisms and issues and resolve them as best as possible through easing concerns or correcting mistakes
  • Promote fundraisers and contests
  • Help to maintain a positive atmosphere and environment in the Board
  • Help to maintain a positive atmosphere within our social media sites, website and forums
  • Help to protect the charity’s assets, reputation, volunteers and members
  • Help to distance our charity and our volunteers from any conflict, negativity or competing charities to focus on our own goals and services

This position required a legal contract to protect the charity, members and volunteers.

This position does come with a 3 month probationary period. This period evaluates how comfortable you feel in your new role and whether you are comfortable with meeting your team’s goals and expectations. Tasks and responsibilities will need to be completed timely or we may have to let you go of your volunteer duties on the CPAB. It is very important we have active leaders running our teams and they will report back to their Department Leader by the use of task sheets. 

To be considered for a CPAB position you must be a member in good standing with CDH International. We welcome adult CDH survivors, grandparents of a CDH child and parents of a CDH child to volunteer on the CPAB.

Send your resumes to if you are interested in applying or reach out with questions.

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